Loving our little one, Charlotte <3


Long updated post…skip if you want :D

Wow I’m at 694 posts! That’s cray cray.

I know I’ve been MIA lately…I’ll try to update here and there throughout the day. Good thing Tumblr lets save posts (okay, more like retrieve posts that we haven’t posted yet). 

Lets see, biggest thing that happened is that FIL passed away. If you follow me on FB or Instagram, I’ve posted a bit about it. It was so fast and sudden and unexpected. I won’t go too much into how it happened, but ask me if you’re interested and I’ll tell you. Life was put on hold as we made arrangements and prepared for his funeral. We missed a lot of work, but got to spend that time grieving and just being with family so it was all worth it.

He was such a wonderful man, and I’m not even saying that to be nice. You can tell by how many people loved him, by all the stories that were shared about him..by how he raised his family. We miss him so much already. I know I try not to be religious on here because people have different view points and I respect that, but knowing that he is with God and in heaven now really brought peace to our family. It really is “I’ll see you later” and not goodbye. It’s nice to know where he is now, and scripture really has comforted us. My poor MIL, I’m not sure how she’s handling it internally but we are trying to call/facetime/visit more often. I know she misses him terribly. How do you go on with life after losing someone you’ve been with for 32 years? That’s longer than I’ve been alive. Steve goes to church camp annually for a week and I feel lost. No, I’m not dependent on him, I don’t need him, I just like having his company and him here. He is my other half.

My workplace moved, so it is farther away now from home. About a 35/40 min drive on a nice day, probably over an hour in the winter. I’m not looking forward to that, so I’m gonna have to make some decisions on whether I’m gonna suck it up and do the commute, or find a new job closer to home…or sell my house and move closer to work. Or Michigan. I don’t know, life is kind of all over the place now. I know, I know, it’s not THAT bad, but jeeze, gas prices and the number of times I have to fill up my car is not nice on my already empty wallet. And I really just hate driving.

Steve and I are doing okay, better than we were last year for sure. I hope we will continue doing better and loving each other. After such a loss, I think it has made us really realize how much our significant other means to us.

Charlotte will be turning two in about two and half months; can you believe that? I swear I was just blogging about my pregnancy a few weeks ago. She’s still in size 3 diapers, but I think we are ready to move up to 4 after this box. She fits in 18 month clothes best, and her hair is getting long :) She’s so smart and amazes us every day. I’m sure every parent feels like that! She’s been going to bed without nursing for awhile now, but still wakes up once in a while in the middle of the night looking for boobs. Charlotte loooooves books and reading, pointing out things. The last visit with the pedi said they want a 20 word vocabulary by age two, and she definitely has over that. On Sunday she asked “Mommy, I eat cereal?” as we were about to head out to lunch. So of course, I couldn’t deny her sweet request. I took her out of her clothes and gave her a bowl of cereal (I hate getting milk on clothes). Last night she was sitting down on her little chair and said “Mommy, I sit down.” So cute and so sweet <3 She knows a lot of her letters, can count to ten both in Hmong and English. I think I’m gonna start working on colors and shapes soon. She also knows a lot of animals and the noises they make :)

Oh yeah, and I still love dressing her up. It’s becoming quite a problem :) OH, and we’re having baby fever so maybe we’ll be lucky and expect a little one in 2015 :D

I thank God everyday my husband isn’t an egotistic SOB who thinks he should be treated like a king and waited on hand and foot. That he knows how to take care of himself, cook, clean, raise our child, heck, even changes her diapers and happily gives her baths without hesitating. That he doesn’t think he owns me, or that I’m his freaking slave, that I need to answer to him at his beck and call. That he believes in me and that we are equals. F’ing douchebag, it’s 2014. Get with the times. 💁

My husband just seems too okay for someone who has recently lost his father. It’s not like they weren’t close; they were. He told his dad he loved him before every good bye.

I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for the breakdown and realization…it’ll come, right?

My father in law passed away yesterday morning. Most of you know he’s been sick for a while with diabetes.

Everything is still so surreal. We are on our way to Michigan to be with the family right now. We are driving through crazy thunderstorms. All day it seems. We just got alerts on our phones saying we are in a tornado warning area and to seek shelter. So scary.

Aw man, getting some career envy over here.


But at least I have my sweet baby girl. Wouldn’t trade her for the world. Or vacations and endless travels. Or huge corporate companies with amazing benefits. But I have amazing friends and family. Whew, feel better now ;)

I still do wonder what I could’ve done with my career if I didn’t go into art. Oh snaps, mid life crisis? I’m too young right?! Hehe.

My girl, my most favorite thing <3 (I adore those sandals and her peplum top. I wish we have it in every size!)

She’s 20 months now and so super smart and naughty. I can barely keep up with her. She’s all over the place, never wants to sit in one spot and is talking so much. She loves bath time, reading books and eating cereal. She likes to count and sing the ABCs randomly and starting to associate people with their names. She’s stubborn, quite the tomboy but also loves pretty things. She’s a messy eater and likes to put food on her hair when she’s done (crazy kid). She never smiles in pictures, but I swear, she’s a happy child. She loves the park and going on the swing. She likes the slide but still a bit scared of going down it. She’s a bully to Kas, but gets mad when someone else yells at him and scared when he barks. She’s still tiny, but she’s all mine!





Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

When he says “really” ;’)

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What a dear human being he is. 

This made me teary eyed <3

"I’m so addicted to all the things
You do when you’re going down on me
In between the sheets
Or the sound you make
With every breathe
It’s not like anything

I’m so addicted to the things you do
When you’re going down on me
Or the sound you make with every breath you take
It’s not like anything when you’re loving me
When you’re loving me”

-Addicted, by Saving Abel.

I never realized how explicit that song was until it came on Pandora and I’m singing along with it in my head…and realized that my big boss probably heard it since my office is now next door to him. Whoops…

Oh and another thing I love…

Sleeping without a bra!!! I’ve been breast feeding for so long, and had to wear a bra at night so I don’t leak, I almost forgot how wonderful it is :D we are actively weaning and I barely have any milk left; she’s gone to bed most of last week and today without needing to nurse. Steve’s been putting Charlotte to bed so I’m thankful for that. She hasn’t nursed during the day since she turned one, just at night. I think it’s a comfort thing. Sorry if it’s tmi but really…I missed it so much!